Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nightmares and mutilated babies.

I really can't believe I forgot to post these!!!!
These are both projects from "The Big Ass Book of Crafts" by Mark Montano. The first one is a nightlight idea. It's made out of painted wooden clothespins, 2 cheap frames from the dollar store, an LED nightlight, and an extension cord. It costs under $5 to make!!!! I should do a tutorial for it someday but for now, here are basic instructions... (even though I know step by step instrucions will be more helpful)
1) Disassemble the clothespins and lay them side to side. Glue them together so that they will make the sides of a box.. meaning the length of each clothespin panel will be the length of one side of a picture frame.
2) One of the frames will have a printed out image that you like under the glass. I chose Reagan from The Exorcist, simply put because I enjoy inspiring nightmares :) The other frame will just have the cardboard back left in it, but cut a hole in it to put the nightlight through.
3) Paint your clothespins and frame, then assemble. Attach the extension cord to the nightlight, plug in, and there you have it! A fancy pants homemade nightlight!!!!
Here it is lit up at night!

The next project is a baby head paperweight. Basically all you do is pop off a baby doll's head and fill it with Plaster of Paris. TBABOC says to paint it or cover it with gold leaf, but I think its cute they way it is.

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