Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Well Hullo There.

Blog #1
I guess I will start off my introducing myself.
My name is Zanna. It is in fact, the greatest name ever known to mankind.
I am a crafter/artist/musician/bitch.
I have been doing crafts since I could hold a pair of scissors and a bottle of glue. I like to sew, make jewelry, knit, decoupage, paint, make soaps and candles, construct..... anything really. I just love crafting.
I go to art school. No, I'm not a hipster. I do not smoke Black n Milds, nor do I believe that I am more Indie than you. I go to the Savannah College of Art and Design. My major (for now) is Graphic Design, and I'm thinking of minoring in Photography or Scientific Illustration.
I thrive on music. I play trumpet (5 years of marching band, symphonic band, pep band, and wind ensemble.. represent). I also play bagpipe, and dabble in guitar. I love all music, including but not limited to : classic country (George Jones FTW), 80's pop, hair bands, punk, rockabilly, pshycobilly, metal, 90's music, traditional cultural styles, opera, and classical.
I. LOVE. HORROR. All horror. I don't care how cheesy it is, I love it. From age three, every time I have gone to the video store with my Dad, I have always picked up at least four horror films. I knew from a young age that people getting their intestines ripped out was my thing. Horror inspires everything I do, from my makeup, to my art, to my crafts.
I go antique shopping about once a week. I freaking love antiques. This fuels my theory that I am a gay man trapped in a female body. As well as an antique/vintage fetish, I am obsessed with showtunes, Disney movies, and Drag Queens. You be the judge.
I'm a girl of many interests. I love white trash culture, and I want to spend my life in a shitty parked double wide with Christmas lights and pink flamingos out front, shooting possums for dinner. I also love body modifications. Piercings, tattoos, scarification, branding, and other mods (split tongues and pointed ears, anyone?) are all my thing.

The more you know......

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